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Web Development Portfolio


Advisd is a web application in development which will allow students to make their own academic plan. The web app uses a JQuery drag-and-drop interface tied to a MySQL database allowing user to make quick changes to their plan. Features are still being added so this can be considered a "work in progress."

Advisd screen capture

Parkland College Health Professions

The Parkland College Health Professions department asked me to work on creating an individual look and feel for their more unique programs, such as Occupational Therapy, which need more information available to potential students.

Health Professions screen capture

CSIT Service Learning Center

The Service Learning Center (SLC) is a site for non-profits to submit proposals to be considered for service learning through computer classes at Parkland College. The SLC site also allows users to login and check on the status of submitted proposals.

Service Learning Center screen capture


SmileHealthy is a non-profit organization that brings low cost dental care to Champaign County. This was an original design of my own which they have since changed so I don't link directly to that project anymore.

SmileHealthy screen capture

Ann Coddington Rast

An original portfolio site for Ann Coddington Rast, artist and associate professor at Eastern Illinois University. I used javascript to give the images a little life. The clean design helps the user focus on the artwork.

Ann Coddington Rast screen capture

Parkland College Computer Technology Center

A design I worked on for Ruthann Whobrey's CIS 152 class. The CTC decided to use this and I appreciate it. Aaron Harper also contributed.

Computer Technology Center screen capture

Parkland College Office of Disability Services

This was an original design for Parkland Colleges Office of Disability Services. I really enjoyed this design but ODS decided to go a different route. It is still available if you guys change your mind.

ODS screen capture


Cafe Luna has rebranded itself simply as Luna and does not have any online presence. The design reflects the elegant and comfortable nature of the restaurant. This is a work in progress.

Luna screen capture


Pic of Jonas

I am really good with HTML, CSS, and AJAX and I am constantly improving my skills in graphic design and programming.

I am also a collector of sneakers

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