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Size 13 Shoes for Sale

I've been hooked on sneakers since 1996 when my mom bought me a pair of Penny Hardaways and I've been collecting and occasionally wearing sneakers every since.

While I am still a fan of athletic shoes it has come time trim down my collection so I'm selling some of my shoes. The condition of the shoes is in the title and if they are worn I will provide more detailed photos of the shoes. If they are deadstock (misused term but it's what I learned through the years), never worn, I stand by that fact and less photos will be provided.

If you have any questions let me know via email → jonasdees {at}

I ship using the United State Postal Service and US shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation is included in the price of the shoes. If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase something, please contact me first.

Nike Dunk Hi Premium - $100 - Deadstock, never worn

Dunk High Box Dunk High left shoe Dunk High right shoe

Nike Air Zoom FC (Barcelona FC) - $100 - Deadstock, never worn

FC Box FC left shoe FC right shoe


Pic of Jonas

I am really good with HTML, CSS, and AJAX and I am constantly improving my skills in graphic design and programming.

I am also a collector of sneakers

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