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Sat 2 Apr

Site Update

New site design and new content coming soon. Bear with me.


Mon 2 Nov

Draplin Dishes [NSFW: Language]

One of my favorite designers is Aaron Draplin, not just for his work but also for the message behind his work. Most of his musings can be found at but this video has some choice words for designers doing sub-standard work.

America Is F*cked.......(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Thu 1 Oct

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles

Handcrafted with love by BYU design students and faculty, for the 5th Typophile Film Festival. A visual typographic feast about the five senses, and how they contribute to and enhance our creativity. Everything in the film is real—no CG effects!

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles from Brent Barson on Vimeo.

via [Simple Bits]

Mon 8 Sep

Hand Written

If anyone has driven any significant amount of Illinois interstate lately or even through Urbana on Windsor road will have noticed signs from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The TIGER logo uses Kabel (slightly modified) and was created by a designer I really like, Aaron Draplin.

You can learn more about the TIGER logo and also the logo as well on, BRAND NEW

Mon 8 Sep

Hand Written

In grade school, my teachers would always comment about my poor handwriting. I would get bad grades in "Writing" which was inappropriately named because you did not "write" anything creative, you wrote words in cursive. Ask me today how many times I write in cursive; Every time I write check; now ask me how many times I write a check these days, exactly. Writing in cursive at the grade school level proved a work in futility for me and even at a young age I realized that most of our future communication would be done electronically. I even have that statement, in writing of course, which I presented to my teacher with the hope it would give me an angle to raise my desperate Writing grade. I received no reprieve and to this day I have poor handwriting and I truly hate writing things down.

I regret not working harder on making my handwriting more legible but the way my school taught handwriting was to have students copy the letters from a book. When my class made our way to high school, I noticed there were 10 girls from my grade school class who wrote the exact same way because of this type of teaching technique. The technique was nice, the technique was legible but it was not unique in any sense of the word. My handwriting is like my written fingerprint. I enjoy the fact that my handwriting is my own and it is still developing.

Wed 2 Sep

Typedia: a shared encyclopedia of typefaces

Last week Jason Santa Maria introduced Typepedia, "an IMDB for type, but created and curated by everyone."

It's not currently where it needs to be to compare itself to "All Music" or "IMDB" but give it some time to catch on and some great new users and you are going to be hearing a lot more about this site.

Wed 26 Aug

Characters Will Bring Us Together

Below is a signed letterpress poster, handcrafted character by character over the course of roughly 100 hours by Cameron Moll. Characters from the Bickham Script Pro, Engravers MT, and Epic typeface families form the edifice featured in the artwork, which is the Salt Lake Temple.

Sat 13 Jun

Shoes for Sale

I moved into a new house but everything I own didn't move with me, until now. I've finally got my collection of sneakers in my house and only after actually getting them into my house did I realize I just don't have the space. So I'm selling A LOT of my shoes. Some are deadstock and never worn and some have been worn gently a few times but all of them are authentic and have been taken care of very well. You can find my shoes on the for sale link to the top. Keep checking back because I will be adding shoes, quite frequently. I will also be adding other items (not just shoes) soon.

Sun 10 May

Broken Record

Life got really busy again but it is starting to slow down a little bit. That being said, I am again accepting new web design work. The summer time is filled with less students at Parkland College which means a smaller workload for me. This allows just enough time to take on new clients for a few months. If you need any web-related work done contact me to discuss.

Tue 17 Mar

St. Paddy's Day

Thanks February, I love it when days and dates repeat themselves. The house still isn't done (soon, very soon) but today is St. Patrick's Day which means I'm wearing green (my favorite color if you haven't guessed) even though the color blue was associated with the patron saint of Ireland in the past. It's Tuesday and I think all of the lame people celebrated the holiday over the weekend (you don't celebrate Christmas on Dec. 22nd just because it falls on a weekend) and while I won't be out and about, like in my younger days, I will have a pint of Guinness tonight and reflect on the year so far.

Tue 17 Feb

Old House

I OFFICIALLY hate the new(old) house. The house itself is fine but it is costing me so much time I am feeling like I can't get anything done. Even though I feel like I'm not doing anything, I really am doing A LOT which is playing mind games with mind. This process has made me realize the only way I will purchase another home is if I become hilariously rich. So rich I could pay someone to do all the work and not care one bit, not one singular bit.

Sun 1 Feb

New House

My WONDERFUL girlfriend Laura and I are purchasing our first home and we close on Tuesday. I won't have any free time for the next 6 weeks while we demolish and rebuild our house the way we want it but I will be updating my tumble log » with images and stories of the purchase and remodel. Any help or advice is also appreciated. Oh yeah, it's Super Bowl Sunday so ... Cardinals by a field goal and even if they don't win, they will cover.

Thu 17 Dec


I've got a new job which has made all of the work I wanted to do on this site take a back seat to actual work. That being said I had to at least make an attempt at an update ... so don't consider this an excuse, consider it an update.

Wed 22 Oct

Site Update

Content goes here. I know this and currently I'm working on my CMS, Once that is up...Hello Content. In the mean time, please take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think.


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I am really good with HTML, CSS, and AJAX and I am constantly improving my skills in graphic design and programming.

I am also a collector of sneakers

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